Important Global Advisory


Surender Kumar Sood

This is to inform that Surender Kumar Sood was terminated from the employment of SEN Immigration in January 2009 since he was:

(a) forcing clients to misrepresent on their immigration application,

(b) was excessively aggressive and abusive with staff and clientile,

(c) was condescending towards women staff in the office,

(d) would overcharge clients at the SEN Dubai office,

(e) would indulge in financial misappropriation and over-invoicing,

(f) play dirty politics in office,

(g) viewing objectionable material during office on his laptop.

(h) would never agree to follow CSIC Rules of Professional Conduct

All the above charges are well documented.

Since his termination and expulsion from SEN Immigration, he has been creating fictitious emails and writing slanderous emails to SEN staff and clients alike. He has made absolutely false and baseless allegations against the work of SEN Immigration.

If anyone receives any communication from Surender Kumar Sood, please forward to SEN HQ in Toronto, at

Upon the receipt of such information, SEN Immigration will commence to institute legal proceedings with a criminal intent to harm against Surender Kumar Sood in his county of nationality (India) and any country in which he currently resides in.